Sport is special: it brings us together

Sport transcends nations, religions, ethnic origins and people of all ages. The Sports Rights Owners Coalition (SROC) is committed to protecting the vital contributions sports make to both the European society and economy.

The Sports Rights Owners Coalition (“SROC”) is a forum of over 50 international and national sports bodies and competition organisers, with a particular focus on rights issues.

SROC members contribute substantially to the wealth and wellbeing of countries. They are key providers of long-term jobs, and some of the biggest tax-payers.

Conscious that sport plays an essential role in promoting social cohesion, SROC members actively support its development, by reinvesting the income generated by selling rights into professional and grassroots activities.

SROC members believe that governments and international organisations should fully recognise, protect and promote the special nature of sport and sports rights.

We are keeping you in the game

With more than 50 international and national sports bodies and competition organisers, our goal is to protect our rights to ensure the sustainable financing of the professional and grassroots sports that enhance our lives.

SROC seeks proper recognition of the value of sport from Governments across the world, and effective protection for their rights under law.

SROC members sell rights to create income that can be reinvested into their sport. Being able to exploit commercially the competitions SROC members organise and to protect them against any infringements is key to a sustainable financing of both professional and grassroots sports.

However, due to its immense popularity across the world, sport is attractive to commercial undertakings looking to sports content to create profit, without any re-investment in sport.

SROC's aims are:

to enable dialogue and sharing of best practices on key legal, political and regulatory issue

to raise awareness of new developments and innovation in sports rights

to take joint action to protect and promote its members’ rights